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The One and Only Low-Cost FAA and EASA STC Approved POD Based Aerial Imaging Solution

System Prices Start at $32,500.00 Inclusive of Mission Planning and Flight Control Software

Site Surveys, 3D City Model Creation for Smart City Applications, Energy audits with Thermal Imaging, Oil and Gas, Cadastral, Stock Pile Measurements and Precision Agriculture are just some of the sectors WaldoAir Imaging systems are in use worldwide. While traditional aerial imaging systems are effective, the capital expenditure, maintenance fees and necessary aerial assets can make the ability to achieve scale impossible.  WaldoAir XCAM systems are being leveraged by some of the largest companies in the world on every continent to achieve this scale. Let us introduce you to the latest technology in aerial imaging, combining commercial off the shelf components with our proprietary software and hardware integration which allow for complete system prices to start at $32,500.00 usd.  The WaldoAir XCAM line is portable, and powerful.
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WaldoAir is the World leader in design and manufacturing of low-cost aerial imaging systems.  Our line of XCAM systems includes RGB, 4-band (NIR), 5-band with Thermal and our newest XCAM Ultra Series which boasts an impressive 17,100 pixels in cross-range coverage. With XCAM, you can...

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Ride Along With a WaldoAir Client on an Actual Collection Mission and see XCAM B in Action. 

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WaldoAir designs and develops the most complete, low cost, turnkey imaging systems in the world. Whether your projects require RGB, NIR, oblique, or thermal, we have the hardware you require. XCAM mounts on virtually any platform, turning your aircraft into a low cost "manned" UAV. Never before has aerial imaging been so easy and affordable. Our equipment performs like million-dollar camera systems, but at a fraction of the price. RGB system prices start at $32,500.00, inclusive of flight control, mission planning, and Pix4D™ processing software.

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