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XCAM Imaging Systems vs. Legacy & UAV Systems

WaldoAir recognizes the challenges of legacy imaging systems.  Cost, maintenance, and in most cases dedicated imaging aircraft, requiring multiple crew members to operate.  All of these components must be considered when pricing a job.

UAV systems promise to alleviate the high costs associated with these legacy systems, but fail to factor in the costs associated with scale.  UAV systems typically can image between 500-1000 acres per day and depending on Country aviation regulations, are usually restricted from operating above 400 ft. and beyond visual line of sight.  This relatively small area of coverage per flight forces 2 man crews to drive to multiple locations for launches and greatly restricts efficient collections.  The low flight altitude results in ground sample distances (GSD) being very high and a massive amount of frames being captured, which further hinders fast processing and job delivery time frames.

XCAM fills the gap between both platforms by providing large area coverage with up to 17,100 pixels in cross range, while using small single engine aircraft which are readily available anywhere in the world.  XCAM is small enough to fit securely into its provided pelican case, and be carried on any commercial aircraft or shipped for minimal cost to any location around the world.  Camera mounts for Cessna 152/172/182/206, Diamond DA-20/40, Aviat Husky or Robinson R22/R44 are included in the XCAM price.  We can also design and fabricate a mount for your aircraft of choice with our extensive in-house CAD design team.

Imaging Systems

Thermal Image

State-of-the-Art Aerial Imaging

The days of dedicated, expensive imaging aircraft are a thing of the past. Our XCAM-B is designed to provide aerial imaging capabilities to anyone with a small, single-engine aircraft. This technology was once reserved for multimillion dollar operations. The XCAM-B boasts an impressive 10,200 x 3,506 pixel array for the RGB model along with 5,288 x 3,506 for multi-spectral imaging, and it weighs only six pounds. It is powerful and portable.

Cameras with Unmatched Clarity

WaldoAir offers camera options that include RGB, multi-spectral, and a true five-band thermal sensor. Our newest XCAM Ultra series will boast 100 megapixels and more than 17,000 pixels in cross-range. XCAM-B is an ideal, low cost imaging solution for agriculture, city planning, pipeline, and corridor monitoring along with many other GIS image collections.

We Offer 4 Types of Systems

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XCAM B Thermal (coming soon to the XCAM Family)
XCAM Ultra (coming soon to the XCAM Family)