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GeoXphere was born from a joint venture between WaldoAir Corp (USA) and Getmapping PLC (UK) and launched in October 2016. The GeoXphere team consists of the former solution's division at Getmapping PLC who have immense knowledge and experience in GIS, programming and consultancy skills. This team provides the perfect balance for taking disruptive technologies and making them perform in the field.

The GeoXphere vision is to provide revolutionary survey hardware and cloud based mapping software dedicated in country partners, allowing them to improve the efficiency of data capture and availability of geospatial data.

By utilizing GeoXphere technology, any survey company ranging from UAV operators up to National Mapping Agencies can fly, process and deliver high quality Geospatial data at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey. Building up a network of partners Globally, GeoXphere acts as a hub of Geospatial excellence giving your company the competitive edge.


As a  leading aerial survey/uas operator, you could have the opportunity to become an exclusive XCAM user and distributor in your region. A lease model for both XCAM hardware and cloud-based GIS software is the most cost-effective way for modern survey companies to operate and stay ahead of the competition. It reduces your capital expenditure and opens up new and sustainable long-term relationships with your clients with the opportunity to provide a revolutionary camera system alongside fully hosted data services (WMS, WFS, cloud-based GIS).
We are seeking partners around the world to:
• Operate XCAMS in your territory at preferential rates
• Sub-contract XCAM leases for project work with your territory
• Provide GeoXphere cloud-based processing and GIS for end clients.
Inquire at http://www.geoxphere.com/become-a-partner to see if market partnerships are available in your country.